Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Llandudno Junction: The end of my holiday

What with it being December and there being snow on the ground, it is time I finished my What I Did On My Holidays posts.

Conwy station has the shortest platforms I have ever seen and few trains, so it was easier to get a taxi over the bridge to Llandudno Junction to start my journey home from there. When I arrived, this steam locomotive was shunting in the station.

And so home to Market Harborough.


dreamingspire said...

Getting all steamed up over some chocolate and cream, then.

fromthatneckofthewoodsgwyn said...

Ah, but at Conwy you can have the pleasure of holding out your hand to stop the train!

Simon Titley said...

For the curious, the locomotive is GWR no.5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe':