Friday, April 13, 2012

FA Cup semi-final 1970: Chelsea 5 Watford 1

With Chelsea playing Spurs in an FA Cup semi final tomorrow, here is a reminder of how they won at the same stage in 1970.

And I was there. The game was played on the neutral ground of White Hart Lane.

It's a bit tough on Watford that there goal is not here - it equalised Chelsea's first goal, if I remember correctly.

Note how poor the pitch was, though the one at Wembley for the final was even worse.

I was there too, but didn't go to the replay at Old Trafford. There Chelsea finally overcame Leeds United.

If your team wins the cup when you are 10, life is bound to be a bit of an anticlimax after that.


Paul Walter said...

Of course, the secret of Chelsea's success was having so many players with surnames beginning with "H"....

Peter Bonetti went on to become a postman on the Isle of Mull.

Norman Hunter still bites yer legs.

Paul Walter said...

5-1? It's deja vue all over again...

Anonymous said...

For Terry Garbett's magnificent equaliser see