Monday, April 23, 2012

The road from Snailbeach to Stiperstones

ShropshireLive says:
A Shropshire road is to close for up to three days in June as work is carried out to investigate the integrity of a wall which retains the road. 
The Snailbeach to Stiperstones road will be closed in Snailbeach between 9am and 4.30pm for up to three days, starting on Wednesday 6 June 2012.
This is a remarkable stretch of road. With hairpin bends, it runs for a couple of miles between these two villages along the side of the Stiperstones ridge. And not so many years ago it was possible to scramble up from it and enter the hill along an old lead-mining adit driven into its side.


David said...

I expect you know that Market Blandings, the location of Blandings Castle is in Shropshire. Any photographs ?

Jonathan Calder said...

Most critics think it is in the East of the county - somewhere near Bridgnorth and the Severn Valley.

Gawain said...

Darn! The road will be closed just as I am there! Thanks for the heads-up!

sadgwyn said...

In other Shropshire news Lily's Tea Garden (across the road from Shrewsbury Bus Station, overlooking the river) appears to have closed.


Jonathan Calder said...

It may be too soon to despair. I think Lily's Tea Garden closes for the winter.