Friday, April 27, 2012

Roger Helmer's new office causes controversy

When Roger Helmer defected to UKIP he was obliged to stop using the East Midland Conservative MEPs' office in Market Harborough.

He has now found himself new premises in the town. (To be accurate, they are outside the town at present, but the town will soon expand to reach them.)

But the nature of those premises have caused some eyebrows to rise. Because Helmer has resurfaced at the town's new Innovation Centre, which the Tory-run Harborough District Council bills as " a hub for businesses to launch, innovate and grow".

So much so that my old friend Simon Galton has said:
"It is ... questionable whether Mr Helmer qualifies to be in the building. What jobs is he creating and where is the innovation?"
As another old friend points out in the comments on the article, Mr Helmer's is not a name one associates with innovation.

In fact his unpleasant views on rape and gay marriage win him envious glances from passing dinosaurs.

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