Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The mystery of the Tamar beaver

In December 2008 I reported the escape of a beaver from a farm in Devon. Two females who escaped with him were soon recaptured, but Igor got clean away. He was last heard of felling trees beside the Tamar near Gunnislake in Cornwall.

So when a beaver was found at Gunnislake last week, it was naturally assumed that Igor had finally been caught.

Except, says the Daily Telegraph, that this beaver is a younger, smaller male and therefore cannot be Igor. Which may mean that there may be more beavers living wild in the area and breeding.

No doubt the Department of Cryptozoology, University of Rutland at Belvoir, has been called in. In the mean time, Cornish Liberal Democrats are collecting signatures against George Osborne's plan to impose VAT on beavers.

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