Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jeremy Hunt "on the brink"

Another story from this morning's Independent:
Jeremy Hunt today stands accused of misleading Parliament over his dealings with the Murdoch empire, an offence which would trigger the Culture Secretary's immediate resignation. 
As the Prime Minister battled to save his minister, an Independent on Sunday investigation has established that Mr Hunt appears to have misled the Commons on three occasions in his handling of News Corp's takeover bid of BSkyB. 
In what could turn out to be the final blow to the under-fire Culture Secretary, a letter written by his permanent secretary, Jonathan Stephens, seen by this newspaper, challenges Mr Hunt's version of events.

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Mark said...

Whilst I suppose you have to admire Cameron's loyalty, the obvious response once the 163 pages of emails had been published would have been to say - 'These are serious allegations which need proper investigation. I have therefore asked Jeremy Hunt to resign his ministerial position until we have an investigation to categorically prove his guilt or innocence.'

Any bookies out there care to give me price for Cameron not being PM by the Tory Annual Conference?