Monday, April 09, 2012

Theddingworth village hall

Theddingworth has a Norman church with significant monuments and a Congregational chapel from the early 19th century. But both were locked and the latter was impossible to photograph from the most desirable angle.

So instead here is the village hall. It did not make it into Pevsner, but the Victoria County History says:
John Smeeton, a Congregationalist ... built the Smeeton Institute nearby in 1893 as a memorial to his son, S. P. Smeeton (d. 1889). The institute is a single-storied building in the Tudor style and contains a reading room and a billiard room.
I don't suppose it does any more, but at least it is still open.

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Anonymous said...

You are correct, the reading and billiard rooms have been knocked into one and there is an extension at the back built in the 1960s as a committee room. The hall is well used by the small community in Theddingworth.