Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brian Binley launches extraordinary attack on David Cameron - again

In February Brian Binley, the Tory MP for Northampton South, described Prime Minister David Cameron and his government as a 'shady, back-street second-hand car dealership'."

Today he has done it again. In the course of a comically incoherent rant on his blog, Binley writes:
The LibDem minority has run ragged over the government in a manner not remotely justified by the level of their electoral support. When will the leadership wake up to their responsibility as the leading partner? Allowing the LibDems to have their way in a hopeless effort to avert yet another puerile tantrum, whilst at the same time ignoring the pressing needs of an economy struggling to raise itself from base camp, does nothing to engender good will from those who pay the price. 
My point is that Mr Cameron should never have hitched his star to any of the self-indulgent lunacy that has been characteristic of the unreasonable demands of his coalition partners. It was always going to fail, and has created unnecessary distance between him and the country. Why did he not put his foot down and assert his position, firstly, as Prime Minister, and secondly, as leader of the Conservative party? What are his true priorities? It seems that appeasing the childish tit-for-tat approach to politics that is the entire Liberal Democrat mindset has dominated his thoughts for far too long. The country needs a full-time Prime Minister and not a chamber-maid for a marginal, irrelevant pressure group who have got him in a virtual arm-lock with a constant stream of threats to abandon ship.
If the Liberal Democrats are annoying the likes of Binley so much, we must be doing something right.

Last time Binley's outspoken words were soon replaced on his blog by a far milder version. I wonder how long they will last this time?

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