Saturday, August 04, 2012

Play off for British chess championship this morning

The British chess championship has been taking place in North Shields for the past couple of weeks. And the official website announces:
Grandmasters Gawain Jones and Stephen Gordon have tied on 9 points and will play-off for the title of British Champion 2012. They already share joint English Champion. 
The play-off will be best of 2 games at 20 minutes + 10 seconds per move. 
If this does not separate them there will be an ‘Armageddon’ game of White 4 minutes, Black 3 minutes with 3 seconds per move – If the game is drawn, Black wins. 
The playoff will be relayed live and with a webcam as soon as the prize-giving is over – probably around 10-30am.
Here is one of Jones's wins from early in the tournament, with commentary by top chess geezer Andrew Martin...


Paul Lamford said...

a fine wine indeed

Jonathan Calder said...

Correction duly made.

Jones won the play off 2-0 this morning. The openings were a Gewürztraminer and an Exchange Chablis.