Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Six of the Best 272

Liberal Youth has launched Bears for Belarus, a campaign to raise awareness of the Lukashenko dictatorship.

"He was never destructive, but he spoke up when he wasn't happy and spent his time developing ideas. He had that winning combination of the sharpest of minds, the most liberal of hearts and the most determined of mindsets." Caron's Musings brings together some tributes to Donald Gorrie, the former Edinburgh Lib Dem MP who died last week.

"Sure, the 2010 Tory campaign was riddled with mistakes and poor judgments, but that 37% is essentially the Tory ceiling. That’s why Cameron wanted the boundary changes, so he could get a majority next time, and his apparent apathy in allowing the boundary changes to be broken demonstrates the extent to which he has accepted he will never deliver the promised Tory majority." A Brief History of Liberty on David Cameron's problems.

"Surveillance Chess is an art performance for a single recipient: the CCTV operator in his control room. Before the performance begins he has total power over his system: he is the all-seeing, seemingly untouchable and incessant observer of public space in front of his camera. !Mediengruppe Bitnik obtains access to his system and to surveillance images and seizes power. But the invitation the play chess makes it clear that the unfriendly takeover is intended to be friendly."

Would you let your children play in the street? asks the Independent. Until recently, Lucy McDonald wouldn't, but thanks to a joint effort with her neighbours, their pavements have become a playground.

Time has some terrific vintage photographs of London.

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