Friday, August 17, 2012

Six of the Best 268

Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist anti-Putin punk rock band, issued a new single on Friday as three of its members were sentenced to two years in jail for “hooliganism.” The song, entitled Putin Lights the Fires, was released by The Guardian. You can listen to the new song, along with a video montage of the band on Mashable.

A View from Ham Common worries about the front page of the agenda for the Liberal Democrat Conference.

"The best thing Michael Gove could do is to return this sort of decision to local communities, sack his advisers and abolish the School Playing Fields Advisory Panel. But I suspect he'll be dragged out to make some half hearted apology and take on even more power to 'make sure it doesn't happen again'." Living on Words Alone on the row over the sale of school playing fields.

Waging Nonviolence on Chicago's housing liberation movement.

"Kay Kendall - like Judy Holliday and Madeline Kahn - was a comic actress who lit up the screen and left us way too soon," says Bobby Rivers TV.

Wolfie Wolfgang mourns the passing of the Dandy.

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Hi Jonathan!

I found this on Gove:

Is this guy for real ?

PS and OT: Nothing new relating to S Winwood - no concerts ?