Saturday, August 04, 2012

Leicester Richard III dig to go ahead

Last month I wrote about plans for an archaeological dig in Leicester to look for the tomb of Richard III. (I also visited the Richard III Museum in York.)

The King Richard Armitage site now says that sufficient funds to finance the dig have been secured and that it will take place this month.

While on holiday I went past Middleham Castle, Richard's home, in North Yorkshire. It looks well worth a visit.


Epictetus said...

Middleham Castle is well worth a visit, if only to look at the rather peculiar statue of Richard III himself.

If you do go then make sure you visit the ice cream parlour that is half way between Middleham and Masham. That's rather good as well.

Andrea Willers said...

I have heard this dig is going ahead on the 22nd of August. It is the anniversary of Bosworth. I think that is a sick stunt for sensationalism for a TV program. Its the anniversary of the death of Elvis do you think there would be a public out cry if someone tired to dig up his bones for the sake of a TV program. Andrea Willers