Saturday, August 04, 2012

Six of the Best 265

Britain's Surveillance Commissioner has warned about significant RIPA failings, unregulated private sector surveillance, and surveillance using the Internet, says Hawktalk.

"Once again, a law intended (so Parliament was assured) to catch a small number of people with a supposedly dangerous 'addiction' to pornography of extreme violence is being used to prosecute someone's private indulgence of sexual tastes that present no harm to anyone. The pictures themselves depict nothing that is not in itself legal to perform or to watch live: but of which it is, according to the prosecution, illegal to possess a photograph or a recording." Heresiarch's Dungeon discusses the trial of Simon Walsh under Labour's 2008 Criminal Justice and Immigration Act.

Sound Destruction Device on the Pussy Riot trial in Moscow.

"Locking up illegal immigrants has grown profoundly lucrative for the private prisons industry, a reliable pot of revenue that helped keep some of the biggest companies in business," reports the Miami Herald.

Good news for this and other blogs: Mashable Business has details of US court case that has confirmed that embedding a video is not a copyright violation.

"This morning we were up early for our latest dawn cruise on the Rutland Belle. Late summer is always a good time to join us on the boat because there is a great chance of seeing the newly-fledged juveniles exploring away from their nests." Rutland Ospreys invite you to join them for a cruise.

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