Saturday, August 11, 2012

Six of the Best 267

Mark Thompson writes on the disqualification of candidates from November's police and crime commissioner elections because of youthful misdemeanours: "I find it intensely depressing that such illiberal laws can be passed through our parliament without any real understanding of how ridiculous the consequences of said laws will actually be in practice from those who are supposed to be legislative experts."

"The best way forward is for schools, government et al. to encourage children to join sports clubs and groups to learn their sports properly. If the government wants to increase young sport, it should channel the funds to those groups, who should be given time to run more taster sessions at schools to obtain interest." Rob's View (from the sidelines) thinks David Cameron has got it wrong on school sport.

"Why do people (frequently economists) not understand that continuous growth of the economy (measured by either real GDP or resource throughput) could in theory, and probably has in fact, become uneconomic?" asks Herman Daly on the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy site. He also suggests eight answers to his own question.

The Atlantic Cities looks at ways of making city biking less scary.

Some photographs taken in the Eastry chalk mine can be found on Underground Kent.

allertonOak takes us for a walk among the industrial relics of North Liverpool.

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