Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Campaign to save HSBC branch in Kibworth

HSBC ("the world's local bank") wants to close its branch in Kibworth.

The locals are not taking it lying down: there is a petition to sign and a Facebook page to like.


Ian Ridley said...

Ideal opportunity to switch to a local Mutual like the Market Harborough Building Society.

Things have changed in Oadby too. We have the main 4 although Lloyds no longer open on Saturday. Halifax bank quietly closed their branch a few years ago. Our choice of Mutuals is restricted to the Nationwide.

sarah condon said...

I can't use MH Bldg Soc as a current account so no good! All the people I met outside the bank on my protest yesterday, all 280 of them, all NEED the services our Kibworth branch provides and will seriously compromised without them.