Monday, March 04, 2013

David Cameron adopts George W. Bush's tactics

I can't find a source for this theory - can you help? - but I recall that George W. Bush's campaign tactics revolved around his remain the "aw gee shucks" nice guy while everyone else on his team poured vitriol over the opposition.

David Cameron seems to be trying something similar.

In the aftermath of his party's defeat at Eastleigh, Cameron announced there would be no "lurch to the right". Yet ever since we have seen his ministers doing just that.

Withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights. An identity card before you can use the National Health Service. Further cuts in the welfare budget.

I suspect that Cameron's reasoning is that he will play the moderate to keep more liberal voters board - after all, we have an increasingly presidential system at general elections - while the rest of the Conservatives ensure the faithful that really there is nothing he enjoys more than kicking foreigners.

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