Saturday, March 09, 2013

Six of the Best 330

"Whatever we think about Leveson, the libel reform bill has nothing to do with it: it’s a separate argument ... The NUJ and left media reformers should not be cheering on Labour opportunism from the sidelines but telling Putnam and his cronies where to stick it. End of story." Gauche has no time for Lord Putnam and his allies, who are putting the badly needed reform of our libel laws at risk.

Pride's Purge says the email exchanges between Vicky Pryce and the Sunday Times reveal a breathtakingly cold-hearted, manipulative woman who would do anything to get her own way. And he's not talking about Vicky Pryce.

Andrew Hickey wonders why Sebastian Faulks thinks he can step into the shoes of the greatest writer of English prose who ever lived.

"It's beautifully shot up on the Stiperstones, and around Much Wenlock. There are some marvellous trademark Powell and Pressburger set pieces - the full immersion baptism in the river, and the slow procession of the traction engine to the village show are as good as anything you will see in any of their other pictures." Out in the Shires watches Gone to Earth.

The 1950s' child star Jon Whiteley is now curator of the Ashmolean Museum, reports the Oxford Mail.

The Silly Point asks if Joe Root is bound for greatness.

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