Tuesday, March 26, 2013

David Miliband to leave parliament immediately

From the Daily Mirror site this evening:
David Miliband is to stun Parliament by stepping down as an MP tomorrow to take up a “dream job” in New York. 
The former Foreign Secretary - and brother of Labour leader Ed - intends to make the shock announcement tomorrow morning. 
The Mirror understands he intends to step down with immediate effect, triggering a by-election in May.
The report goes on to say that Miliband is to join the charity International Rescue. This was the organisation made famous by Thunderbirds.

Assuming this is not an early April fool story, the Mirror must mean the International Rescue Committee.


cerebus said...

Alastair Campbell apparently "nicknamed" him Brains. Perhaps he is simply returning to his former employer.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe he's lining himself up to rescue the UK in future when the financial crisis and quantitative easing finally come home to roost...