Sunday, March 24, 2013

Six of the Best 335

"Huge pressure is being put on backbench Lib Dem peers to give up the position they held when the Bill was first debated in the Lords and back the Government line. Your support to them could make the difference." Liberal Democrats against Secret Courts wants us to write to Lib Dem and crossbench peers urging them to support the recommendations on secret courts of the Joint Committee on Human Rights.

Lester Holloway says Nick Clegg should ditch his illiberal immigration bond.

Scrapping the beer duty escalator is good news for Shropshire's economy, argues Andy Boddington. Now do you see why I love that county?

"The power centers of British politics and media may reside in London, but their tentacles extend to a tiny working-class market town with rows of glistening stone buildings, 17th-century pubs and a medieval church." Amy Chozik visits Chipping Norton for the New York Times.

English Buildings enjoys a grotesque carving in nearby Winchcombe.

Wartime Housewife has the recipe of an insanely cheap and nourishing soup. And I've nicked her photograph.

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