Saturday, March 30, 2013

Six of the Best 337

Nick Clegg tells us he is busy hiding painted eggs in Switzerland. In reply, Caron's Musings lists just a fraction of the work Liberal Democrat candidates and activists are doing this weekend. I don't begrudge Nick having a break, but I would like to see him give a clearer sign that he recognises the efforts others make on behalf of the party.

Nottingham Liberal Youth interviews Tony Sutton, the Lib Dem candidate in the city's Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey ward by-election next week.

This enthusiasm when fundamental liberal principles are abandoned suggests that being in coalition has created something akin to the Stockholm syndrome among Liberal Democrat parliamentarians who are either on the government payroll or aspire to it," says Simon Titley  in discussing the secret courts vote on Liberator's blog.

"I hope to have breaks in the future, and do recommend it as a 'palate cleanser'. But it is hard work." From one of the Jilted Generation... gave up Twitter for Lent.

Swindon in the Past Lane writes of the town's tram disaster of 1906.

"So well-known is this image of Delius as tetchy and imprisoned by illness that we forget the younger man." The cricket career of Frederick Delius is explored by Go litel blog, go ….

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