Friday, March 22, 2013

More on Molly Drake

A few weeks ago I chose a song by Molly Drake, mother of the once neglected and now ubiquitous Nick Drake, as my Sunday music video.

In today's Guardian there is an article about her by Peter Paphides:
If the idea of someone writing and performing songs without seeking a public outlet for them seems strange to us, perhaps that says something about the times in which we live. "It was a more private era," concurs Gabrielle. "You look at people broadcasting what they had for breakfast on Twitter and the desire for friendship seems to have been supplanted by a need for saying what you are. That simply wasn't around in my mother's day." Perhaps that's why, to borrow her son's words, Molly Drake's songbook feels like a fascinating "remnant of something that's passed".
Gabrielle is the actress Gabrielle Drake, Nick's sister and Molly's daughter. She is best known for her appearances in Crossroads.

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Frank Little said...

I know Gabrielle Drake best for Kelly Monteith.