Friday, March 01, 2013

On being a prominent Liberal Democrat blogger

This morning at 8:10 the BBC Radio 4 Today programme quoted a "prominent Liberal Democrat blogger" as saying "now we can sit back and watch the Tories go mad".

That blogger was me. Having gone against my better judgement and stayed up for the Eastleigh result I tweeted this:

Being awake at that hour, I was also able to spot a certain Mr G. Mulholland of Leeds becoming my 3000th follower on Twitter.

Which means I must now beware the onset of a syndrome first identified by Grace Dent:
50. I believe 3,000 followers is the point at which lots of tweeters start behaving like utter maniacs. "3,000 follower syndrome" is a worrying medical condition. 
51. The first sign of "3,000 follower syndrome" is apologising for not checking in on Twitter until later than usual, believing that Twitter must have felt so empty without you. 
52. The second sign is placing tweets in your timeline answering the question you say "everyone" is asking you. If you check this person's @ column it almost invariably turns out no one is speaking to them. 
53. It gets even worse after that.
Thinking about it, this post may be the first symptom.


Jennie Rigg said...

I'm much less important than you; I'm merely a prominent lib dem WOMAN ;)

(myself and the leader of my local party, apparently, are the prominent lib dem ladies locally, according to the fact that we've been emailed by dead tree press people fishing for stories recently)

you'll know you're REALLY important when you get named.

Anonymous said...

Greg Mullholend (MP) ?