Friday, May 24, 2013

French Dressing: Ken Russell on Herne Bay pier

This video is suggested to me by @sxybio on Twitter, who is on a roll having previously sent me the story about the giant badger terrorising schoolgirls in Kent.

It is fascinating for two reasons. First, because it consists of scenes from French Dressing, which was the first film Ken Russell directed. (Later. The first video I posted here has disappeared, but I have found another scene from the film to post.)

Despite the presence of the kitchen-sink heroes James Booth and Roy Kinnear, it is a comedy and one inspired by Jean Vigo and Jacques Tati. The French influence is strengthened by the composer of the film's score, George Delerue. He also provided the music behind the film of St John's Wood in the 1940s that I posted recently.

And it is fascinating because it was filmed on Herne Bay pier, which is no longer there having been demolished in 1980.

For another old film shot on a long-vanished pier, see Barmacle Bill and Hunstanton.

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