Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Six of the Best 356

"The UK court’s  judgment will have a chilling effect on free speech on Twitter and will likely devolve into an era of social media self-censorship for Twitter users, particularly in the UK. A form of libel chill, or, perhaps 'Twitter Chill'." Charon QC looks at the aftermath of McAlpine v. Bercow.

Mary Reid on Liberal Democrat Voice visits the battlefield at Culloden and considers its lessons for the Scottish independence debate.

Mark Thompson offers three reasons why he hates self-checkout machines.

"The London School Board built some 400 schools in the thirty years of its existence.  Together, they represent one of municipalism’s outstanding achievements.  Individually, they remain impressive both as architecture and symbol." Municipal Dreams looks at these 'sermons in brick'.

SomeBeans reviews James Hamilton-Patterson's "Empire of the Clouds" - "subtitled When Britain’s Aircraft Ruled the World, [it] is the story of the British aircraft industry in the 20 years or so following the Second World War".

Vanity Fair has a slideshow of artworks by Carol Bove on the last unopened stretch of Manhattan's High Line Park.

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