Saturday, May 04, 2013

Six of the Best 349

Who won the local elections? No one, says Mark Smulian on Liberator's blog.

Max Dunbar on the rise of UKIP: "Smart progressives who want to make a difference don’t go into politics, they go into public policy or advocacy or journalism or law or the police or the Royal Marines. Because smart people are leaving politics, the field is left clear for maniacs, illiterates, thieves, neo-Nazis and toytown power merchants."

"'Differences of reward must be large enough to induce people to do their best but the present differences are far too great. If we do not find some way of correcting that perversion of capitalism, our society will break down. We shall find ourselves back in some form of government without the consent of the governed, some form of police state.'" Jules Birch discovers the radicalism of the founders of the John Lewis Partnership.

The Guantanamo Bay hunger strike reveals the detainees growing desperation, says Ryan J. Reilly on Huffington Post.

"You can take a long, solitary walk around the place where the last Plantagenet monarch died in battle. You can have a low-key romantic picnic with a cultural edge. You can bring your kids to an exhibition that’s historical, educational and actually appealing to tiny people with five-second attention spans. You can wander around the exhibition yourself and smile at the affection so many people still have for this man who died more than five hundred years ago, leaping off his horse and into the middle of his enemies, brave and lonely." Planes, Trains and Plantagenets is impressed by the Bosworth Field heritage centre.

Letterology proves fruit wrappers are more interesting than you thought.

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