Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Time for moderate Conservatives to show some backbone

From the Leicester Mercury:
A senior Tory county councillor says he was disappointed that a number of his ballot papers were spoiled by voters opposed to changing the law on gay marriage. 
The Conservative politician, who did not wish to be named, was re-elected in Thursday’s Leicestershire County Council election and saw that a number of voters had written that they were against gay marriage by his name on the paper rather than casting a vote.
The unnamed Conservative councillor is later quoted as saying:
"I hope Cameron does not give in to the pressure and abandon this because it is the right thing to do."
That is to his credit, but why did he insist on remaining anonymous?

Perhaps his reluctance to be named is a sign of how far local Conservative associations have been taken over by the clowns and fruitcakes.

But if you don't have the courage to speak up for what you believe, what is the point in being in politics at all?

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