Friday, May 24, 2013

Six of the Best 355

"What I don't tolerate, is the idea that people paid to perform marriages by the public purse should be able to pick and choose who they want to marry. This amendment was put forward, not because any great number of registrars actually had an issue, but because it was a way for the right wing to argue against Equal Marriage without being called up on their homophobia. What I don't tolerate, is our Party President's view that gay people shouldn't be allowed to have the audacity to demand that a public servant do the job they're paid to do." So Sam said... gets it right on the equal marriage vote.

Chris Gilson, on the British Politics and Policy at LSE Blog, considers how the Coalition may be brought to an end.

Love and Garbage blogged about newspapers and dignity in 2011. His words are even more relevant today.

Chris Cocking looks at the use of the world 'panic' in accounts of the Hillsborough disaster.

Dads are not idiots, says Dad Pride.

"Her books show a similarly eclectic spirit. 'The Unsophisticated Arts' combines chapters on tattooing and the seaside, amusement arcades and taxidermy, each illustrated with a mixture of photographs, line drawings and paintings. It is disorderly, intensely personal and obsessive, but at the same time the book  hangs together perfectly." James Russell on the reissue of a Barbara Jones book from 1951.

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Peter said...

One or two Spanish judges tried refusing to do gay marriages when it came in here. They were reminded very quickly and very firmly of their duty to the Constitution and that was that.