Monday, May 20, 2013

Six of the Best 354

The View from the Hills offers 14 thoughts on British politics after three years of the Coalition.

"It was a gorgeously sunny and calm day yesterday afternoon on the south west coast of Wales. 13,000ft above sea level, somewhere above Swansea Airport, I was sitting hunched up in a 'plane, ready to free-fall back to Earth!" Read what happened next to Mark Cole - and he is quoted in the current Private Eye.

Ballots & Bullets finds that children with politically engaged parents are more likely to deviate from their parents’ political views.

Delia Smith is quite right to criticise TV cookery shows such as MasterChef for intimidating aspiring cooks, and to claim that Britain has lost its grip on home cooking, says Simon Titley on Liberator's blog.

"Euphemia Penman was a remarkable individual who rose to become one of the most respected managers in the emergent tram systems of late-Victorian London. In the period, given the social conventions of the time, this was without a doubt a remarkable feat for a woman." Read more about her on Turnip Rail.

Taxi has photographs of SS Ayrfield, which has become an abandoned floating forest in Homebush Bay, Sydney.

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