Monday, May 06, 2013

Six of the Best 350

Gareth Epps tells us what Nick Clegg should have said after Thursday’s elections.

"Putting in 20 mph speed limits in residential streets means more than just making streets safer. It is the beginning of a culture change where people on foot and on bikes, and children playing, take precedence over passing motor vehicles. It's about giving control of streets back to the people who live in them." Great stuff from Lib Dem councillor Roger Symonds on the Local Government Association site.

The mixed messages the British government is giving out to potential foreign students - "at best unclear and at worst unwelcoming" - is hampering our universities' attempts to recruit them, says Nicola Dandridge on Times Higher Education.

Jay Griffiths discusses the politics of play for Orion Magazine.

Diana J. Hale spends May Day following the Jack in the Green around the streets of Deptford and Greenwich. The Victorians did not hesitate to invent ancient traditions and nor should we.

"It was a good fifteen years together. For a long while, I am going to miss her unique blend of affection and cantankerousness when I walk through the door. This place seems a little less like home without her." Andy Boddington mourns the death of his cat Georgi.

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