Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats say extension of badger cull would be insane

This is Gloucestershire quotes the views of two Lib Dem councillors from the county.

Klara Sudbury says:
“The six week trial to see if free shooting is safe, effective and humane has not only seen the needless slaughter of hundreds of badgers, but high policing costs in keeping the peace in the countryside. 
“It is an absolute farce that the reason for extending the cull is simply due to the fact that not enough badgers were killed under the original licence, which was estimated to be 850 badgers.”
And Paul Hodgkinson says:
“Extending the cull period will just exacerbate an already precarious situation and should just not happen.”
Well said, both of them.

Let me end by plugging this game in which you take penalties against badgers who move the goalposts.

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