Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The last days of Melton Mowbray North

A precious find on Youtube this evening. Melton Mowbray North was the town's station on the Great Northern and London and North Western Joint line. From there you could catch a direct train to Market Harborough.

Regular passenger services were withdrawn 1953 - I once quoted John Baldock MP mourning them in the Commons - though summer specials from Leicester Belgrave Road to the East Coast resorts survived until 1962.

This film, YouTube says, features Mr Lilley, the last signalman, and his grandson Nigel. It was shot by Nigel's father and he must have done so as goods facilities were withdrawn in 1964.

There is a wonderful picture on Flickr of the decaying station in 1966.


Anonymous said...

I wrote a poem about the station , also I have some of the remains in our garden C's Lynott. Facebook cslynott@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

We were the very last family to live in the Station Master’s House at Melton North Station. My father was a railway employee & we lived there for a few years until it and the adjoining row of cottages were demolished around 1967/8 I think. It was such a beautiful house. I have some photos if they’re of interest & a drawing done by a friend of my father.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks for writing: I'd love to see your photos. Do you have them in digital format?