Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Gypsies are stealing our children

Two children taken from their Roma parents in Ireland because they have blond hair and blue eyes have been returned by the authorities.

When I heard about this ludicrous story I was reminded of this story:
A girl thought to be Madeleine [McCann], in a tourist's photo, turned out to be the daughter a Moroccan olive farmer. 
The Daily Mail reports that the girl, Bouchra Benaissa, lives in an area so remote that her parents had not heard of Madeleine's disappearance. 
Bouchra's colouring is, says the Mail, typical of the local Berber people. ... 
They are unusual among African people for having a strong blonde gene.
I recall one newspaper saying at the time that it did not matter if the girl was not Madeleine McCann because, whoever she was, she had clearly been kidnapped.

So Gypsies and foreigners are stealing our children. Have we really not moved on since the Middle Ages?

I also wonder if this story tells us something about the slender intellectual base of social work. Twenty years ago the idea of satanic ritual abuse moved rapidly from the wackier fringes of American Christianity to the heart of the profession. Today they are looking for children stolen away by the Gypsies.

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Phil Beesley said...

"So Gypsies and foreigners are stealing our children."

That was an argument many years ago. The argument arises again.

If we have to address this argument again, liberals need to change or rethink, just think as liberals. How have such vulgar thoughts re-emerged as common thought?