Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Strypes: Hometown Girls

The Strypes are a young band - sources disagree on exactly how young - from Cavan in Ireland. Their sounds looks back to the British rhythm and blues bands of the sixties, though Dr Feelgood seems the greatest influence on this track.

Maybe they are derivative, but then isn't all pop music derivative these days. Even those great bands of the sixties were often trying to recreate Black American records they had heard.

And you have to admire the energy and attack here. It reminds me of The Jam on those 1978 editions of Top of the Pops they have been repeating, who just seem to want it more than any of the bands around them.

Or think of Kevin Keegan in the same era. He was not the most naturally talented British footballer, but he tried far harder than anyone else.

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