Monday, October 21, 2013

Ian Nairn: From Leeds into Scotland

Jonathan Glancey profiled the late Tom Nairn in 2010:
Writers and journalists, including JG Ballard, Will Self, Jonathan Meades, Patrick Wright, Iain Sinclair, Gavin Stamp (Private Eye's perennially outraged "Piloti"), as well as a younger generation of commentators such as Owen Hatherley and the mysterious blogger, Ghost of Nairn, have all been influenced one way or another by Nairn, who so wanted everywhere to be different when everywhere was threatening to be the same.
Ghost of Nairn did not last long, but you can see the real thing here as he explores the landscape and townscape through which the Settle & Carlisle passed.

Part 2 is also on Youtube if you want it.

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