Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Uri Geller orders spoon gorilla from British Ironwork Centre

The BBC News Shropshire pages win this prestigious award.

The report below makes everything clear:
The British Ironwork Centre is calling on the public to donate spoons for the project. 
"It will make it even more special to have the community involved," said the centre's managing director Clive Knowles. 
"It's a problem as to how we could gather so many spoons as they are not readily available," he added. 
"And we also want many different types of spoon for the sculpture to make it as beautiful as we possibly can. 
"A sculpture made from one type of spoon would be very mundane."
Geller, who opens his gardens to charity five times a year, said he chose a gorilla because he owns five paintings by a chimpanzee.

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