Thursday, October 17, 2013

Six of the Best 392

Cicero's Songs makes a welcome return, but is not optimistic about Britiain's propsects: "The visceral anti-politics mood is throwing up even more damaging problems: UKIP in the party political sphere, but rent-a-mob responses to any issue of the day from fracking, to planning, to many other controversies. Intelligent debate gets left behind in a morass of simplistic cat-calling. As the world grows more complicated, British Society demands ever more simple solutions."

The campaign to elect a new MSP for Dunfermline is hotting up, says Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice.

Jennie Rigg explains why it would be a bad idea to make it an offence to give a child "anything that relates to sexual activity or contains a reference to such activity".

"I've wondered about how much such expensive-looking graphics cost and whether the BBC ever does any research into how audiences respond to news that's presented in this way." Max Atkinson on trends in television news presentation.

"Stanford is now in prison for the rest of his life. Cricket, and especially the ECB, has done its darndest to forget about the whole episode. Nobody resigned and nobody was held to account." The Silly Mid Off looks at English cricket and the Allen Stanford affair five years on.

Landscapism visits seven crossings of the Severn and encounters Bob Dylan on the way.

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