Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Is Jeremy Browne winning the local race?

Yesterday Oliver Wright visited Taunton for the Independent and came away reasonably confident that Jeremy Browne can hold the seat for the Liberal Democrats at the next election:
While political pundits predict an electoral defenestration of Lib Dem MPs next May it doesn’t quite feel like that on the ground. What matters to people in Taunton is having an MP with face and name recognition and a reputation for turning up at events, dealing with local issues and knowing the area inside out.
And he goes on to observe:
In looking at the Lib Dem prospects for 2015, it has to be remembered that they won in constituencies like Taunton despite the fact that the party nationally was very unlikely to be in Government. Its strength was having good constituency MPs who were able hold seats by not merely capitalising on protest votes but by using the position to actively fight for the people they represented.
It is also good to see Jeremy setting his beloved global race aside and working hard on local problems - problems where setting market forces loose is not always the solution.
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Anonymous said...

Can imagine a lot of local papers running similar stories in the months ahead - the Solihull papers are sounding upbeat for Lorely Burt in a much tighter fight.