Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ukip's candidate problem

Rafael Behr has written an intelligent analysis of the many challenges facing Ukip. It contains this telling passage:
A big problem is finding candidates who have enough character to stand out in a campaign, thus easing the pressure on Farage to be constantly front-of-house, and without looking creepy or betraying views that make wavering supporters flinch. 
A very senior figure in Ukip once complained to me that it attracted “people who have failed at everything else in life, are feeling angry about it and are looking for someone to blame”.

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Blogger said...

Traditional, 'professional' candidate stock will already be relatively senior in which ever party they chose pre-UKIP.

UKIP have to primarily draw on young and nontriadional candidate material (and is better for it). Worthwhjile defectors are few and far between.