Friday, May 30, 2014

Six pieces of advice Nick Clegg should take

Rowena Mason in the Guardian has been talking to Liberal Democrats from beyond Nick Clegg's immediate circle and come up with some good advice for him.

She has come up with six changes that may might help him get through the next year:
  • Show humility and declare a new direction
  • Acknowledge that the party compromised too much in coalition
  • Stop trying to align the Lib Dems with Osbornomics
  • Swallow the reality of polling
  • Boost the morale of ground troops
  • Talk less about principled points, more about everyday concerns


Bryan Wallbridge said...

You missed off - Resign!

@10anta said...

I've responded with my own six suggestions, which I think would have a greater impact:

Anonymous said...

You also missed off...

leave the coalition...