Thursday, May 29, 2014

Six of the Best 440

Flick Rea
"Our main task in the next few months and years is to make sure that we don’t see a loss of the valuable experience of members, activists and former elected representatives to the Party. It is important to develop a support network for those who have lost their seats. When people have not been re-elected they can feel as if they have been cast out into the wilderness and that their hard work over many years has not been appreciated. We have to make sure that we continue to harness all that expertise to enable the Party to grow again." On Liberal Democrat Voice, Liz Lynne makes her pitch to be the next president of the Liberal Democrats.

"The rise of UKIP is about one thing more than any other - the general public losing hope in it's politicians," says So Sam said...

Richard Osley on the unsinkable Flick Rea: "A mayoral shouldabeen, she saw her party, in happier times, expand from acorns to the Town Hall cabinet. Regardless of how and why, it was some achievement when the Lib Dems found themselves the largest group in Camden in 2006. But now she sits alone. It is a remarkable testament to her own popularity, but also the fall of a party right in front of our eyes."

IanVisits takes a rare chance to walk through Brunel's tunnel under the Thames.

A forgotten wartime tragedy in which more than a hundred people lost their lives in a bomb shelter in Kennington Park is desbribed by Vauxhall, Kenningon and the Oval (pdf file).

Hastings Battleaxe discovers the extraordinary churches of Romney Marsh.

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