Saturday, May 17, 2014

Six of the Best 437

Lynne Featherstone explains why so much of her casework as an MP arises from the failings of the Labour-run Haringey Council.

Alex's Archives introduces us to the concept of "the free market priesthood".

"These reports demonstrate that OFSTED judgements are not reliable; they do not tell us about a relevant difference in quality, only differences in either circumstances or the personal inclinations of inspection teams." Scenes from the Battleground shows that identical schools can receive different ratings from OFSTED inspectors.

Detritus of Empire suggests that the decline and fall of the Roman Empire began in York.

"During his cross-examination of Bunton, Mr E.J.P. Cussen for the prosecution, asked: ”Are you not sure your object was to steal the portrait from the National Gallery in revenge for the way you had been treated by the authorities over your television licence”? Another Nickel in the Machine writes on Kempton Bunton and the Great Goya Heist at the National Gallery - and much else besides.

The Silly Mid Off on the sad fate of Leslie Hylton, who is the only test cricketer (thus far) to be executed. "Leslie Hylton’s Wisden obituary does not mention his demise, merely passing judgment on his cricketing career."

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