Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nick Clegg: Nice video, shame about his staff

This Nick Clegg video has been sent to party members this evening.

It is good to see some recognition that it is possible for local campaigners to work hard and lose, though the stuff about defeated candidates sharing in others' successes is a bit schmaltzy for my taste.

More importantly, I still wait for some recognition from Nick that something needs to change we are not to suffer similar disappointments at the next general election.

It is all very well saying we have the right strategy, but event if that is true, it is perfectly possible (as my chess career proved depressingly often) to have the right strategy and implement it badly.

And two very basic points about Youtube for whoever posted this for Nick.

First, I assume you want this video to be widely shared. So why have you posted in such a way that anyone trying to share it gets the message:
This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.
Second, take a look at the still image you get before you start playing it. Is that the image of Nick you want to project?

I thought not. So change it.

Later. The still image has been changed - well done, guys - but the video still asks you to think twice before sharing it.


Paul McKeown said...

Funnily enough, I haven't had the pleasure of that video in my inbox, despite being a member. I guess I'm on a list, "hectoring emails and begging letters only".

Anonymous said...

Recognition that something needs to be changed? You are joking?

He tried to expel Oakeshott from the party for commissioning an opinion poll.

The guy is neither a liberal or a democrat. It appalls me that he is being allowed to lead British Liberalism to destruction just when UKIP's rise shows we need it the most.