Sunday, May 18, 2014

James O'Brien on that interview with Nigel Farage

From the Mail website this morning (and presumably in today's newspaper):
I asked about Romanians, he talked about people-traffickers. I asked about Germans, he talked about easily identifiable ‘difference’. 
I have no explanation for this save a conviction on Farage’s part that one’s country of origin or ethnicity determines one’s values and decency. 
When we moved on to the question of his finances, events took an even stranger turn. 
Asked why he had reverse - ferreted on a pledge to publish his personal accounts, I offered him the transparency agreement employed by every Labour MEP in the European Parliament. 
He sneered, stumbled, spoke of employing an auditor and finally looked up in shock as communications director Patrick O’Flynn tried to halt proceedings, eventually ‘helping’ Farage from the studio by those tailored lapels.

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Phil Beesley said...

That lovely story came from the Daily Mail via an independent journalist. I am as guilty as most at slagging off the Mail, but sometimes you have to note when the 'paper reports "off message" stories well.