Saturday, May 24, 2014

Six of the Best 439

George Potter explains, on Liberal Democrat Voice, why he has signed the LibDems4Change petition - and sets off a long comments thread.

Evidence into Practice is wary of schools' new enthusiasm for modifying children's character.

"Today we must act to prevent an ugly America. For once the battle is lost, once our natural splendor is destroyed, it can never be recaptured. And once man can no longer walk with beauty or wonder at nature his spirit will wither and his sustenance be wasted." John de Graaf passes on the wisdom of Lyndon Johnson for Grist.

For Real Whitby, Tim Hicks explains how Jimmy Savile was able to manipulate the Surrey Police investigation and on how disappearing intelligence reports helped him to evade detection.

Press Gazette shares the views of the BBC given anonymously by some of its employees: "Management is mainly by email. Some managers have very little understanding what their staff do day day and the contribution they make to the output. The audience is supposed to be at the heart everything we do, I see very little evidence of that."

"'But Baroness,' so many of my friends have said, 'you must be devastated. You yourself are fabulously wealthy, so you cannot have wanted the Captain for his money—you must have truly loved him.' It’s true. But so, I am sure, does his new fiancĂ©e, his children’s nanny. Her wardrobe is made of curtains. She’s definitely not a gold digger or anything." Melinda Taub tells Baroness Schraeder's side of The Sound of Music on Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

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