Friday, October 16, 2015

My Campbell forebears are remembered in Crathie old churchyard

The old churchyard at Crathie © Alan Morrison

I have blogged with pride the tale of my kinsman Alexander Campbell, who refused to shave his beard off for Queen Victoria, more than once.

He is remembered by a John Robertson in Robert Smith's book A Queen's Country:
"He was a bit of an eccentric," said John Robertson. He planted honeysuckle away out towards the Dubh Loch, halfway between in and the Glass-alt, beside a cairn of stones. He also planted holly trees along the lochside. ... 
"If he parted company with somebody," said John, with a grin, "he would build a cairn."
Alexander's love of monuments is also reflected in the old churchyard at Crathie.

This can be found across the road from the rather mausoleum-like church the royal family attends when they are staying at Balmoral. It contains the remains of a 14th century church dedicated to the 9th-century St Monire.

It also contains an obelisk put up by Alexander as a memorial to his parents, his brothers and sisters, and ultimately to himself.

Thanks to a genealogy website devoted to the Gordons O' Girnoc, I can give you the full inscription:
Erected by ALEXANDER G. CAMPBELL Khantore in memory of his parents ALEXANDER CAMPBELL d. there 20th October 1858 aged 54, MARGARET GORDON his wife d. there 3rd June 1891 aged 83. 
JANE CLARK his daughter d. Belnacroft 15th August 1848 aged 22, STEWART CLARK his son d. Edinburgh 10th August 1852 aged 22, JOHN his son d. in infancy, ANN his daughter d. in infancy. 
(RHS) MARGARET MIDDLETON his daughter d. Khantore 20th August 1887 aged 40. 
JOHANNA ROBERTSON housekeeper to Queen Victoria at Glassalt Shiel d. 16th January 1900 aged 47. 
DONALD G. CAMPBELL d. Honolulu 3rd August 1900 aged 56. 
JAMES CLARK d. Liverpool 21st June 1906 aged 72. 
ALEXANDER G. CAMPBELL d. Khantore 20th May 1912 aged 76 - was in the service of Queen Victoria for 40 years, 32 years as gamekeeper at Glassalt Shiel.
Jane Clark Campbell is my great great grandmother.

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