Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Six of the Best 546

David Boyle is worried about what will happen when people protest against the new Chinese-financed Hinkley Point nuclear power station: "What does the government do? Treat these demonstrators in a tolerant English way and risk offending our Chinese paymasters? Or will the government be required, by some secret or assumed agreement, to behave in a far more heavy-handed Chinese way towards them."

Sarah Noble says the Women’s Equality Party promises a surveillance state in the name of liberal feminism.

Abuse is killing Twitter, says Umair Haque.

Mimi Matthews on the 1871 Crystal Palace cat show.

"London’s waterways are audibly part of a different, parallel city ... It’s as if you’ve woken one morning to find 90% of the population have decided to go off on holiday." Matt Brown meets Ian Rawes, who has created an acoustic map of London's waterways.

Celluloid Wicker Man has been walking the landscape of M.R. James's ghost story "A Warning to the Curious".

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