Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Simon Jenkins and moral equivalence with the Chinese regime

When Simon Jenkins started writing for the Guardian back in 2005, I blogged that he had quickly worked out what his new readers wanted.

I quoted him:
The education white paper offers a vision of a "parent-led" state secondary-school system. Its key institution is the "self-governing school free to parents", a copy of the Tories' grant-maintained school that Labour once derided. Parents will be able to control a school's "ethos and individualism". As one parent briskly put it to me, "We can keep out the blacks.
And then commented myself:
Parents cannot be trusted with a role in their children's education because they are all racists. No Guardian reader could ask more than that from a columnist.
Luckily Mr Jenkins could be trusted with a role in his children's education. He sent them to expensive private schools. (I read this somewhere, so I know it's true.)

Ten years on, he is still at it.

Guardian readers are not wild about Britain and tend to embrace any dictatorship that challenges British power or British values.

So today Jenkins wrote:
Two can play at “issues raising”. If I were that Chinese person I would politely warn the Queen of “legitimate” Chinese concerns over her surveillance cameras in every street; her police listening to private phone calls; her slave workers in the fields and domestic service. 
I would ask what kind of justice denies legal aid and charges a fee to use a court. How can Britain export terrorists to the Middle East and kill Muslims by the thousand for not accepting “British values”? How can it fail to teach its children simple maths?
In many ways an intermittently Establishment man such as Jenkins writing in this way is more dangerous than Jeremy Corbyn's appointment of a Stalinist as his communications chief,

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