Thursday, October 01, 2015

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

Two new blogs appeared on LibDemBlogs in September.

tompkin98blog - written by Thomas Mercer - has been going for a while. Here it is on the refugee crisis:
My opinion is that the UK to an extent needs an influx of younger people within it as the population ages and native born people have less children per household than before. There are skill gaps within our society that can only be plugged by foreign nationals coming in, alongside the fact there are certain jobs within our society natives are not prepared to do but foreign nationals will, low skilled menial jobs many of those natives on benefits refusing to work refuse to do.
I particularly like the way he end each post with "Thanks for Reading".

The other new blog is James' Political Ramblings, written by James O'Neill. There is just one post so far: a trenchant one on Labour's new leader:
All the evidence points to Mr Corbyn being a threat to the United Kingdom. My reasoning for this is threefold: first is his commitment not to launch airstrikes on the so-called Islamic State in Syria. Second is his complete disdain for the majority held view in Northern Ireland: that Northern Ireland should remain a part of the United Kingdom. Third is his economics and his absolutely abysmal decision to appoint John McDonnell as Shadow Chancellor.
If you have a new blog you would like to appear here next month, please add it to LibDemBlogs.

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Anonymous said...

Mercer - like so many of his ilk - seems to regard the UK as just a piece of real estate.
To be financed by taxes from anybody. No regard for the habits and long time customs of the british that were.
Doubtless to be destroyed as a nation and to become a province of the EU.