Sunday, October 11, 2015

Where Richard III's body was exposed after the Battle of Bosworth

From the Leicester Mercury:
A hologram of Richard III's body will be projected at the subterranean religious ruins where he was publicly display following his death at Bosworth. 
Students at De Montfort University have been asked to come up with designs for the three-dimension projection, which will feature in what is left of the Church of the Annunciation. 
The remains of the medieval building - two arches - stand in the cellar of DMU's Hawthorn Building, in the Newarke, Leicester. 
More than 500-years-ago, Richard's remains were placed there to show he had been defeated by Henry Tudor - a vital part of the Lancastrian victory because it proved the Plantaganet monarch was dead.
I visited these ruins after I paid my respects to the body of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral. They are a surprising thing to find in the basement of a very 1930s building, though I believe St Mary de Castro also has a claim to be the site of the exposure of Richard's body to the people of the city.

The information board outside the Hawthorn Building says:
Excavations in 1935 uncovered human skeletons, one of which was thought to have been Richard III.
So 2012 was not the first time Leicester claimed to have found Richard III.

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