Friday, October 02, 2015

Six of the Best 542

Stephen Tall will be running naked down Whitehall. Well, almost.

"The great thing about the ‘new politics’ – or at least the new politics we have lately been privileged to endure here in Scotland – is that it’s just as fetid and grubby as the old politics it replaced." Alex Massie on life under an SNP government.

Peter Ashley remembers having cider with Laurie Lee.

"Though admirable, longevity is rarely a virtue of good satire. Brass Eye ran for seven episodes, causing more merry hell during that time than HIGNFY has caused in 25 years." David Waywell does not welcome the return of Have I Got News for You.

"Charlie Brown's dog, Snoopy ... reads widely, favouring Leo Tolstoy, Hermann Hesse, and Miss Helen Sweetstory, author of the Bunny-Wunny books." Athar Yawar diagnoses the Peanuts characters for The Lancet.

Victorian Masculinity offers its Top 10 neo-Victorian  novels.

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